Kelly Alison, Game of Drones from Pick Your Poison 2013

Interview in Great God Pan is Dead: Years ago Art in America made the brilliant observation that your “vocabulary of figurative symbols” included “up-side down people.” Almost thirty years later your newest works are filled with up-side down people, figures are falling up-side down and drowning up-side down, with their shoe bottoms visible. What’s all that?

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Kelly Alison, Assad Lies from the 365day TWEET project

Art as Resistance: The Political Tweet Art of Kelly Alison by Dustin M. Slaughter:
Editor’s note: I was so excited to discover Kelly Alison’s (@iknomore) Twitter-inspired artwork. She creates visually engaging, politically relevant pieces. Naturally, the Project just had to celebrate and promote her work. It’s no surprise that her apolitical work is just as stunning.

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Kelly Alison, Blood Money

By Virginia Billeaud Anderson, Your Houston News
Contributing writer:
Today Alison is set up with a proper studio, but back in 1985 when Barbara Rose visited, she was still painting in her barn “The barn didn’t have doors,” recalls Alison “and my husband’s cows came in there and stood around as if they were looking at the paintings.” The thought of those cows nosing up against the preeminent New York scholar and art critic is sweet

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Game of Drones_TN

2013 Up-side Down People: A Talk with Kelly Alison

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Up-side Down People: A Talk with Kelly Alison Virginia Billeaud AndersonIn an artist statement that appeared in the exhibition catalog MFAH published in 1985 for Fresh Paint, The Houston School, Kelly Alison announced she had decided to allow spontaneity to direct her approach to neo-expressionism. She had discontinued, she said, “looking […]

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2014 Article on Open The Door – Public Art Project

Kelly Alison – The Art League  THE WILD WILD WEST in PARIS.  ONE WOMAN’S STORY “The first crowd of 20,000 « sat like icebergs » Annie Oakley noted in one of her letters back home to the states.  It was the Paris Exposition of 1889, an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and Buffalo Bill’s […]

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2013 Article in Houston Modern Luxury

To Die For: What’s whimsical painter-storyteller Kelly Alison latest bright idea? Going dark. by Amber Bell April 2013, p 58 Morbid sounds, death just might become H-Town artist Kelly Alison, whose newest works ‘cover the subject in a cool and colorful way. Some 30 colorful pieces-assemblies of paper and oils, resembling at a glance […]

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Falling Man 2011

2013 Falling Man: 2nd Place Art League Houston

Kelly Alison, The Falling Man Kelly Alison is a fixture on the Houston art scene, having been part of Fresh Paint, the 1985 survey of Houston’s painters at the MFAH.The image refers to 9-11 (the skyscrapers, the jet, the suit on the man) and perhaps particularly to a photo by Richard Drew of one of […]

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2010 Fresh Paint 25 Years Later

Among those who stayed in Houston are many of the respected elders of the Houston art scene–Sharon Kopriva, Gael Stack, Bas Poulos, etc. I’ve seen good shows from some of the artists–Kelly Alisons’s bird paintings at G Gallery  Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Fresh Paint 25 Years Later In January, 1985, the Houston Museum of Fine […]

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Whose Cruise, 8'x30', oil on Canvas, Kelly Alison, 1980

William A Graham Archives at Museum Fine Art Houston

Graham Gallery/William A. Graham Archive, 1964-1992 (bulk 1981-1992) Other materials of note included in the artist files are a lengthy interview with photographer Alain Clement; illustrated correspondence from artist Bob Camblin; a copy of a lecture by Dr. Steven Mansbach on Richard Stout, and a congratulatory note from the Gorilla Girls to Kelly Alison. Read […]

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1986, Brazosport Facts, Kelly Alison, Trading Easy for Abstract

THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS (1986) CLOSE UP Artist Kelly Alison: Trading easy for abstract By LEIGH HOPPER The Brazosport Facts Also published in the Dallas Morning News WILD PEACH – Barking dogs, military helicopters, mouths open in anguish: Visions of destruction. An intricately-drawn face among blurred, grasping hands, a shadowy human form fleeing a dark tornado: […]

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1980, Houston Post, Four Painters From Lawndale

Hard by the freeway, a warehouse of creativity by MIMI CROSSLEY Post Art Writer , Houston Post Nov. 1980 “JUST OVER A YEAR ago, sculptor James Surls opened Houston’s first alternative gallery in an old warehouse off the Gulf Freeway, The day before the inaugural exhibition called POIV- WOW, water still covered the floor from a leak […]

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