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2014 Article on Open The Door – Public Art Project

Kelly Alison – The Art League  THE WILD WILD WEST in PARIS.  ONE WOMAN’S STORY “The first crowd of 20,000 « sat like icebergs » Annie Oakley noted in one of her letters back home to the states.  It was the Paris Exposition of 1889, an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and Buffalo Bill’s […]

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Falling Man 2011

2013 Falling Man: 2nd Place Art League Houston

Kelly Alison, The Falling Man Kelly Alison is a fixture on the Houston art scene, having been part of Fresh Paint, the 1985 survey of Houston’s painters at the MFAH.The image refers to 9-11 (the skyscrapers, the jet, the suit on the man) and perhaps particularly to a photo by Richard Drew of one of […]

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1986, Brazosport Facts, Kelly Alison, Trading Easy for Abstract

THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS (1986) CLOSE UP Artist Kelly Alison: Trading easy for abstract By LEIGH HOPPER The Brazosport Facts Also published in the Dallas Morning News WILD PEACH – Barking dogs, military helicopters, mouths open in anguish: Visions of destruction. An intricately-drawn face among blurred, grasping hands, a shadowy human form fleeing a dark tornado: […]

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